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Quick Overview:

  • 16 inch deck
  • 40-volt, 4AH Li-Ion Battery
  • 5 position easy cutting height adjustment
  • Rear bagging or mulching option
  • Weighs 37.5 pounds

What Customers Say:

This mower rates an overall four out of five stars. Ratings are calculated based on the entire 40 volt line, with the primary difference being the deck size. Nearly 250 of the almost 300 reviews were four or five star ratings.

Pros: This mower is light and maneuverable. The battery charges quickly and has a decent life. The mower is very quiet and the battery pack can be used on compatible Greenworks tools.

Cons: The mulching feature is not always effective and can leave behind clumps of grass at times. This mower is meant for smaller yards due to size and only includes one battery instead of two.

The Greenworks 25322 is the 16 inch entry into Greenworks’ 40 volt Li-ion series. These mowers share similar designs, so many of the reviews are interchangeable. Keep in mind this mower is intended for smaller yards, as evidenced by the smaller cutting area and inclusion of one battery – not two like some of the other Greenworks models.

Understanding those limitations, the reviews on the 16 inch model have been very good overall. Some of the other models in this series have a slight flaw that causes difficulty in starting, but the fix is extremely easy. This was not as prevalent in the 16 inch model, but be aware that it is a possibility.

Also, users of several of the Greenworks models report some issues with mulching at times, but we believe this has more to do with the mowing conditions. If you are mowing very tall or wet grass, any of the electric lawn mowers will have trouble with these kinds of conditions. Overall, this mower is recommended for small yards and light to medium duty grass.

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Other Mower Features

Includes one 4AH battery

Folding handle for easy storage and 4 year warranty.

Included in Box:

Quick Look Greenworks 25322

Quick Look Greenworks 25322


  • - Lightweight
  • - Quiet
  • - Quick Charge


  • - Inconsistent Mulching
  • - Good for Smaller Yards
  • - Includes One Battery

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